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We are a diverse group that shares a commitment to volunteer projects, both local and international. For 60 years, this Club has tackled projects, including the construction of the picnic shelter at Ft. Williams, construction of the skating shelter at Mill Creek Park, restoration and maintenance of Bug Lighthouse, support for the design process of the Children's Garden at Ft Williams, ongoing support for the South Portland Food Cupboard, youth literacy programs, scholarships for SP & CE High Schools and SMCC students. We have provided ongoing funds to help eradicate polio and collected crutches and mobility devices for African nations Working together on these projects is rewarding and fun.

We are always welcoming new people to our Club who want to give back to the community and enjoy good fellowship. If you are interested in finding out more about Rotary in general and our Club in particular, please submit a membership information request.

Club Information and Announcements
Catherine is looking for a few good gardeners to help with maintaining the gardens at Bug Light. The project will meet every other week on Tuesday morning from 8 am to 9 am at Bug Light to work on the garden. If you can help out please go to the volunteer signup and indicate the weeks you can do it.
Catherine is also looking for someone to volunteer to lead another small team to do the same for the garden area next to the picnic shelter at Fort Williams. You can either email Catherine or go to the volunteer list and sign up, it's the last item on that list.
We nowadays take for granted that Rotary is a well-respected and trusted partner of UNICEF and the CDC in its efforts to eradicate polio. And that level of trust is so high that as John LoBosco pointed out 2 weeks ago, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has chosen to partner with our Rotary Foundation. But 30 years ago public health leaders were very skeptical of both the feasibility of Rotary’s plans to wipe out polio in a country by country campaign, but also of its ability to bring real money to the table.
From Doing Good in the World, the Inspiring Story of the Rotary Foundation’s First 100 Years by David C. Forward
More than 16,000 Rotarians from every continent jammed into the Philadelphia Convention Center on May 24, 1988. While they enjoyed the entertainment and workshops and inspiring speakers, every single attendee had one question on his or her mind: “Did we make it?”
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Cape Elizabeth-South Portland Rotary Club is a ShelterBox "Silver Hero Award" recipient. The Silver Hero award recognizes the club's outstanding dedication and support. Use this locator to discover the locations of our ShelterBoxes. 

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