They're back!  Clubrunner has released a smartphone application for Rotarians. They are improved, provide more information, and are available for Android and Apple Ios. 

  • Clubrunner has an app for  Android that allows you to look up club member information, to get stories, and to locate other clubs close to where ever you are. Some members are using these apps already. For more information see Clubrunner's writeupor click on more below.
  • It's not publicized, but if you don't have an Android you can get the same information from any mobile web browser. Put the site in as  If you use a Blackberry, Nokia or Windows smartphone you don't have to be left out. This works from your regular web browser as well if you want to see what the app is all about. 
  • The above information should work on tablet computers such as the Nexus, Samsung Note, etc. as well. 
  • Rotary International produces an app for the iphone, Blackberry and for Android that can be used to look up the location of Rotary clubs worldwide if you are traveling. more information is available on their web site.
Update: There are now many more apps for Rotary. Check the Apple Store or Google Play and search for Rotary.