Posted by Scott Irving on Jul 02, 2023

Clubrunner is continuing to update the Clubrunner app, making it more useful. If you haven't installed it yet, try it out. Your username and password are the same as for the website.

  • Clubrunner has an app for  Android and iphone that allows you to look up club member information, to get stories, locate other clubs close to wherever you are, and to get district information. Some members are using these apps already. For more information see Clubrunner's writeupor click on more below.
  • The above information works on tablet computers as well. 
  • Rotary International produces an app for the iphone, and for Android that can be used to look up the location of Rotary clubs worldwide if you are traveling. more information is available on their web site
There are now many more apps for Rotary. Check the Apple Store or Google Play and search for Rotary.