Our Newsletters are filed by year, along with the rest of the available history for that year.
Select the year the newsletter you want was written in from the menu on the left, and then the specific newsletter of interest from the new left menu that will appear.
  1. Recent Newsletters are individually posted. They were posted either as part of the publishing process, or before I figured out how much work it was when posting them all at once.
  2. Most of the historical newsletters were posted in large batches, these are generally posted in quarterly blocks because it was a balance between file size and ease of posting.
  3. I believe everything should be searchable. The files are either from MS Word, or they were scanned and then optical character recognition (OCR) was used.
  4. The majority of the 1961 to 1999 newsletters were two sided with the back having membership roster and make up club information. Occasionally the back had a bit more.  The scans in the quarterly bundle format had most of the repetitive back pages removed as typically leaving one per quarter contained all the available information. This was done for file size, ease of scanning and to make future use easier since the user wouldn't have dozen of duplicates. Back pages with differing information, e.g. front page overflow,  were included. 
  5. The short histories on the cover pages, from 1962 to 1991, were done by Warren Simpson, and published in the club directory.
  6. The paper newsletters from Warren Simpson will be archived.
Thank you to Dan Mooers for obtaining and safekeeping the collection of Newsletters from Warren Simpson. Dan also scanned a number of years worth of newsletters.
Thank you to Warren Simpson for keeping a complete collection of newsletters in the first place, and for the short histories that became the landing page for many of the years.