Rotary isn't just Rotary clubs. There are the commonly known Interact, and Rotaract too. But do you know about Fellowships, Action Groups and Community Corps? 
These are worth exploring as a way to expand your Rotary horizons.
Fellowships are groups of like minded Rotarians coming together over a common interest. Some fellowships are global, and some have local branches. Examples include golf, computer users, wine, about 64 fellowships in all.
You can learn more on the fellowships page, take a look at the list of Fellowships to see what interests you. I'm heading to the wine fellowship....
Club members are involved with at least 3 Fellowships, including Rotary Global HistoryComputer FellowshipRotarians on Social Networks
Action Groups
Action groups are made up of experts in a field to allow them to share their expertise and to help with problems. There are currently 19 groups listed.
Community Corps 
Community Corps are for non-Rotarians who are interested in service. They seem ideal as a way to get community members involved in club projects. Perhaps a Community Corp of Bug Light Docents?