The South Portland-Cape Elizabeth (SP-CE) Rotary Club is 100% volunteer-run. We do good things in our community. We also do good things throughout the world.

There are 1.2 million Rotarians and 35K clubs located in over 160 countries.

We have an incredible sense of humor and a strong work ethic. And we depend on each other. And we rely on new members stepping up and getting involved.

Though we are known for our work ethic, we have an immense amount of fun at the same time.  

You might know SP-CE from our annual Christmas tree sale in South Portland's Mill Creek Park. We also produce Winterfest. And you may have seen or heard about us from Bug Light, which we maintain, or our legendary(ish) fried dough sales at Cape Family Fun Day and South Portland Art in the Park. These events and some others are how we fundraise. Everything we earn goes back into our community and supports Rotary International efforts globally. 

You can read about the lengthy SP-CE Club history (We started in 1962). 

We do a lot of good for our neighbors, and we are always searching for new Club members. If friendship and local community service are of interest to you, get in touch with our new membership liaison, Laurenz Schmidt, by email

We currently meet using a hybrid format. You can Zoom into the meeting or join in person at Southern Maine Community College, Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.  Meetings consist of one brief presentation by local, state, or national leaders (business, non-profit, government). We get to listen and get to ask questions. We also start our meeting by checking in as a group and sharing a lot of laughs and occasionally, when it's needed, sympathy and support. You'll see what we mean when you attend a meeting. 

Laurenz will tell you that Club members are not required to attend every meeting, and more, when you get in touch and get involved with SP-CE Rotary Club. 

Thanks for reading. And we hope to hear from you!