Below is the official Veterans Administration list of needs when homeless veterans are moved into permanent OR transition housing. 

The complete list makes up one "kit" ... but our effort is just to get as many of each item as possible to donate. The VA will put the items into kits, or provide them singly as needed. 

This is just one of many ways in which our Club is helping Maine's homeless vets. And this is an ongoing effort so your help at any time will really be appreciated. 

The items below, per VA regulations, MUST BE NEW ITEMS, not used.


Locations such as Mardens, Walmart, Target, hardware stores, and others often have such items on sale and/or at reduced prices.  

Please consider if you can donate some of these items. You can simply bring them to meetings and give them either to Dan Davidson or Doug Schauf. We will make sure they get to the proper VA authorities to be given to veterans as needed.

On behalf of Maine's homeless veterans, thank you very much!

Dan Davidson

VA Maine HealthCare for Homeless Veterans Program
Veteran's Welcome, Move In Kit #1
(Bed, Bath & Kitchen)
蜉 1 Full Size Inflatable Bed                  蜉  1 Household Cleaning Bucket
蜉 1 Full Size Bed Pillow                        蜉 1 Large Kitchen Trash Container
蜉 1 Set of Full Size Bed Sheets             蜉  1 Small Bathroom Trash Basket
蜉 2 Bed Blankets                                 蜉  1 4-Pack of Hand & Body Soap
蜉 1 Full Size Bed Cover                        蜉  1 Box Large Kitchen Trash Bags
蜉 1 Set of Bath Towels                         蜉  1 Toilet Brush & Holder
蜉 1 Plastic Shower Curtain                    蜉  1 Toilet & 1 Dish Cleaner 
蜉 1 Set of Shower Curtain Rings            蜉  1 Container All Purpose Cleaner
蜉 1 No Slip (inside) Shower Matt           蜉  1 4-Pack Toilet Paper
蜉 1 Cloth (outside) Shower Matt            蜉  1 2-Pack Paper towels
蜉 1 Package of Cleaning Sponges           蜉  1 Electric Toaster
蜉 Set of dishes (setting of 4 minimum)   蜉  1 Set of Silverware (for3)            
蜉 1 Cooking Utensils Container                 蜉  1 Broom & Dust Pan 
蜉 1 Dish Drying Rack w/ Tray                   蜉  1 Floor Mop & 1 Dish Bucket                                                                  
蜉  1 Set of Cooking Utensils                    蜉  1 Set of Pots & Pans    
蜉  Coffee maker 蜉  Microwave
蜉  1 Container of laundry detergent