Last update: 10/26/2015
Here's a brief history of the year, for much more detail see the newsletters, and board minutes. There's also photo albums just under the newsletters.
DG Visit
DG Sheila visited the club on September 9. The club presented Sheila with a check to the Jada Special Education Center.
Fort Williams
During the year we donated $5,000 to complete funding of the Childrens Garden, the check was presented on November 11. We also painted the Fire Barn doors.
Bug Light
We had four open houses between July and September, plus we hosted our first wedding!
Polio Dine Around
This years Polio Dine around event consisted of four dinners, hosted by members Fran and Dave Bagdesarian, Bob Danielson, Mike Tranfaglia and Nancy Hawes. Reports came in of delicious dinners had by all. At the time of the event the Gates foundation was offering a 2:1 match so our earnings were well leveraged. We brought in over $1000 dollars to fight polio directly and $3000 with the match.
Select Charitable donations
Date Amount Donation to:
September $5,000 Children's Garden at Fort Williams
  $ 600 Hassle to Tassle
  $2,000 Judy's Pantry
    S. Portland student meal program
September $2,000 Food Cupboard
Change Over talk
I've had a very enjoyable year, made possible by all the terrific members of the club. I'm honored to have been your President, and thank everyone for their support and kindness.
I'm going to give some thank yous, and acknowledge that I won't get everything, the list is really way to long.  It's a trade off between missing some items, and being here for hours.

Board members

To all the board members who as a group and individually provided much needed counsel. Please stand as I note you
As Immediate Past President Kathy who provided much mentorship and acted as a sounding board.  She also did a great job insuring continuity. Kathy was also very active in many projects.
Marc Mutty, who took on the onerous task of Secretary. Marc could  almost always be found at the table until most were well into their meals.  
Treasurer Nancy Hawes, who kept us financially straight, and provided multiple help points of club history during meetings.
President Elect Bill - Ran a great tree sale, and helped out on numerous other projects.
VP Sue Sturtevant
Community Service Director Tom Meyers - We painted the firebarn, gave the closing $5,000 to the Childrens Garden.  We cleared invasives at Pope Preserve and provided that effort seed money. Back to Fort Williams we helped replace another flagpole, and committed to upgrades to the Picnic shelter.
Much of the design work was done by Catherine.
The veterans committee was a terrific program again this year, many thanks to Dan and his committee.
Community services had  many other projects as well.
Club Administration director Doug Schauf, who did a lot of behind the scenes organizing. We knew we had a place to go. And we learned that he can pivot quickly.
Membership Director Fran B who improved our member inductions. Fran helped usher in 6 new members: Bev, Jacki, Mark, Sarah, Denis, and Bob. Fran also served as our CPO
International Director - Catherine Callahan - We started July 1 with Catherine and Anamaria talking about their recent trip to Bulgaria. During the year we welcomed Lonnie Hackett back, met refugees from SMCC, and heard from Dr. Fagan. As we end the year a number of members are discussing plans for an international project which is quite exciting.
Youth Services - A thank you to both Michael Tranfaglia and Ali Carignan, who each covered half the year.  We sent 11 students to RYLA, plus 6 facilitators Thank yuo Jim and interviewers. We also gave scholarships to 12 hish school students, thank you to Ellie for leading this effort and the interviewers.
Nancy Irving for all her help taking minutes, and facilitating.

Other Thank you's

Need to acknowledge those who worked on the fundraisers. 
Last summer's Road Race was successful, even if it didn't bring in the amount hoped, and this years partnership looks really good.
Winterfest ran a great event, bringing in over $23k. The Thursday night social was a great addition.
Rich, with guidance from Kathy ran a successful Family Fun day, bringing in about $1,100
Foundation chairs - Great polio results, 7,688 to date, our goal was $4000,  other giving at 11,768 to a goal of 12,500. Little under on the latter, well over on Polio.
PR - Thank you to Jim Britt and to Dan Davidson
Facebook - Thanks to everyone who added to Facebook, especially Anamaria.
Joe for running the soup Kitchen
The club as a whole, you show up when needed, and have made this world a better place.
Nancy Hawes for all her work on the Bulletin, as well as game night.
Phil Dube for always being there, and all the work he does behind the scene.
Our district involvement  included 2 AG's, Foundation committee, 2017 DC, 2 future DG's, Visioning committee, and more.


If there is one thing I'm disappointed in is our engagement. I'd like to urge all members to take on an active role, even if it is a small one, beyond showing up for an event that was planned by others.

Next Year

I look forward to an international project.
I look forward to the end of new cases of polio
I look forward to Marge as DG
I look forward to members taking on a more active role. IT's great that lots of people show to an event that others planned, but part of the reward is being part of planning, so I encourage everyone to find an active role, even if it's a small one.
I look forward to watching Bill run the meetings.