President Tony Wagner

Collected our first set of wheel chairs and crutches at Bob’s Discount, led by D. Lourie, Jack Roberts, and John Lobosco.

$4050 to the Rotary foundation,  10% of tree sale net profit in 2006, a new record.

Dave Bagdasarian organized our first Car Road Rally, netting about $8K, 2nd fundraiser, partial proceeds for Maine Cancer Foundation,  The “chick mobile”, consisting of Marge, Nancy Hawes and Jean Bugbee won the event.

Bill Daviero and Fawn Dunphy repaired the Mill Creek Park Pump house

Initiated purchase of Solar Trash Compactors for S.P.

Recognized Community Service folks  Henry Adams and Gus Barber as PHF’s.

Bob Flynn started work on the Club Runner new website, recently purchased

Established the C.E.. Interact Club, and laid groundwork for forming one in S.P.

Renewed contributions to the Club’s Scholarship fund

Supported Janet McLaughlins’s efforts to start work on a girls school in Kenya

Worked on Group Study Exchange, Youth exchange, water projects via John Eliassen’s work in Guatemala, and support of micro-credits

Set the Club’s Foundation giving goal at $11, 000  for the first time, to match the $11,000 raised in the previous Rotary year.   All time giving now at $208,000.

Awarded PHF to Vickie Russell for her 9 years of work on the program.

30 years perfect attendance to Paul Butler and 46 for Warren Simpson

Had 81 guests at Purpoodock for the Seniors Christmas party led by Rick Dobson

Club awarded Wayne Goodrich and Peter Cotter PHF recognition for their many years of supporting events especially the Tree sale.

RI Pres.  Wilf Wilkerson joined 300 dist. Rotarians at the annual World Peace and Understanding dinner.   W. Simpson was recognized as a PHF for 48 years of membership and 48 years of perfect attendance.   3000lbs of food was collected for the SP Food Cupboard.  Sybil Reimenshnider was there to receive it and based on her attendance first asked about joining Rotary.

First year we supported and helped run the Intl Food Fest. with the Breakwater Daybreak club, led by Kathy Cotter, grossing about $14K, 50% higher than before.

18 members worked on extensive house repairs, led by Dan Davidson as part of our 6 yr. commitment to Rebuilding Together, at 22 Elsmere Road in S.P.

Donated $3,365 to the Kenya orphanage

In conjunction with Daybreak, started the SMCC Rotaract Club,

18 members completed “project Jack”, a work  day to help Roberts around the home post surgery.

Gave a second PHF recognition to charter member Dick Yerxa

Officers and Board

PE  Janet McLaughlin; VP Joan Frustaci, Treas Nancy Hawes, Secretary Paul Butler, Past Pres John Eliassen, Int. Serv Dave Bagdasarian, Club Service Phil Dube, Membership John Lobosco, Community Service Jean Bugbee

Major local Giving     $4K RYLA,  $4K SPCE HS Scholarships,  $1K first time SMCC, $1700 perpetual scholarship fund,  $2500 SPCE 5th grade literacy (new Program),  $1600 Seniors party,  $500 Center for grieving Children,  $500 CE special Olympics, $500 In town Transp. Network, $800 English 2nd language in S.P,  $500 each SP Food Cupboard,  Wayside Soup Kitchen, Camp Susan Curtis, SPCE Projects graduation, $2600 Maine cancer foundation,  $1000 SP Historical Society to help move into new building,  $2.6K  Mill Creek Pond improvements, $2K  CE High School trip to Sustainable Harvest,   Total  $28K  out of $48 K available

To Yankee Doodle

As our year comes to an end
We say goodbye to Tony
No more emails round the clock
All of that baloney


Man we’ve had a busy year
Don’t think I can stand it
Will we finally get a break
Oh no now her comes Janet
Membership’s an all time high
We’re signing up our neighbors
Warren met the President
Now he’s in all the papers