Club Bulletins

President - Arthur S. Keniston,
Vice Pres - Lloyd R. Knight
Secretary - Raymond H. Frost
Treasurer - Richard B. Jordan
Directors - William Lewis, Alexander R DiMatteo, Paul Chantal, Harold Fralich

District Governor "Ted" Theodore Lewis visited the club on September 9. This was held at the Purpoodock Club with our Rotary Anns as guests. Dinner tickets $3.

Twenty one senior citizens attended our annual Christmas Party.

Entertainment was by a Salvation Army musical group.

Our Christmas Tree Sale showed a profit of $2,200.

Congressman William Hathaway of Maine's Second Congressional District was the speaker on January 6.

"A Salute to Allen M. Marks," retiring Town Manager of Cape Elizabeth was held in February. The Cape Jaycees and Cape Lions met with us and the evening ended with a presentation of a silver bowl full of money by Mr. William Jordan.

The Second Annual Joint Service Club Meeting was held on March 18 at South Portland Memorial Jr. High School. Speaker was Governor Kenneth Curtis.

We were saddened with the passing of John P. Vose. He joined the Rotary Club of Portland in 1955 and became a member of the Rotary Club of South Portland - Cape Elizabeth in 1963.