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President - Edwin Huntman "Ed" Inness(1933 - 2016)
Vice President - Ralph Strachan
Secretary - Raymond H. Frost
Treasurer - Richard B. Jordan
Directors - Roger Sturtevant, Daniel J. Gacetta, Richard  Anderson,  Robert  Jennings,  Keith  F.  Dennison,  Jr.
A joint meeting was held with the Kiwanis on July 3.

On July 17, the club enjoyed a cruise on the U.S. Coast Guard ship "Yankton". Leaving at 2:30 we went out to "Half Way Light" then back through the inner harbor, returning about 5:30, a trip of 28 miles.

On July 17, a testimonial was given to Past Secretary, Ronald Tripp, for his six and a half years service. A Rotary Plaque was presented to him.

Our District Governor, Dennis J. Lombardi, visited us on September 18

We moved to the Purpoodock Club on a year-round basis.

Christmas trees were sold for $7 each.

Sales Pitches
"Lady you can't have a French Canadian cut a tree in Quebec, pull it out of the woods, wrap it individually, load it on a t ruck, inspect it at the Canadian Border, and unload it in South Portland Maine and sell it like an ordinary Christmas Tree... look at it as a work of art,"

"Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but he won't come to your house unless you get your Christmas Tree from a South Portland - Cape Elizabeth Rotarian."
Profit on the Christmas Trees was $2,000.

Christmas party for the elderly.

We won our ten week attendance contest wit h Sanford and were #1 in the district with 98.85%.
Joint meeting with South Portland Kiwanis Club at Howard Johnsons.

Our intra-club attendance contest ended in a four way tie so no one got to eat steak. Our club's six month average has been 90.04%.

January 31 was a Ladies' Night at Purpoodock Club.  BYOB Social Hour, Dinner, and Dancing for $10 per couple. This took the place of a regular meeting and there was a large turnout.

On April 23 the Rotary Club of Scarborough met with us.

The District Conference was at the Samoset, Rockland on June 5-7.

June 4 was a Son-Daughter night.

Friday, June 20 Guy Lombardo and his Orchestra was at the Expo.

The Rotary Club of Hampton, NH became the newest club in District 779.
Credit: The above history is from a club history in a 1990's member directory. Many thanks to those who put it together.
Notable note: At the time, President Ed was the youngest president of a Rotary club in New England