The South Portland Food Cupboard




We see a steady increase in the number of families seeking supplamental food. Last year we started to supply visitors with winter clothing and blankets. This was a huge success and very much needed. We will do so again this winter.

We have made extra effort to assist families by connecting them with services available in the area such as heating assistance, medical and dental referrals, rent, and information.

As job losses continue, and our economy remains unstable, we continue to see more families coming to us for help.

Your support is greatly needed and very much appreciated. Food drives, of specific items we are low on, are conducted by schools and scouts.

We truly appreciate monetary donations as we can purchase larger quantities of food at lower prices at the Good Shepard and through Legion Square Market.


We welcome your interest in our efforts and are always ready to answer your questions or show you how we operate. Please call 207-874-0379 for more information.

Last revised Jan 2011