2017 Weight Loss Contest
Inspired by the success of the participation, camaraderie,  and financial benefit to the RI Foundation, of the football pool fundraiser, Doug Schauf and I have organized a
weight loss competition fundraiser for the Foundation.  It will commence in early January 2017, running for 3 months.
SPCE Members  can go on line and sign up for the contest, which will begin no later than the Tuesday before our next meeting January 11, 2017 and will end on the second Tuesday of April 2017.  Members can join at any time, and can quit at any time. 
You can update your progress weekly (or skip) as you work toward your individual goal.  The dollar amount per pound that you will donate to the Foundation will be determined at the conclusion of the event, based on your choice of $$/lbs..  
Participants will initially choose:
  1. your screen name (This can be their real name, or any identifier you choose.)
  2. your weight-loss goal to April 11, 2017 (1 lb to 50 lb.)   (You can announce your weight loss to date as Happy Dollars at any meeting, if you like.)
  3. how much money ($$/per lb lost prior to April 12, 2017) you will donate to the Rotary Foundation as of April 11, 2017   So, if your goal is 10 lbs, and your pledged amount is $3.00/ lb., you would owe $30.00 at the end. More if you lose more, or opt for higher $/lb amount.  Penalty dollars may be paid (on the honor system through Happy Dollars) if you gain any weight during the period.
Side bets on a participant making his/her goal, or on a competition between participants, and/or $$/lb sponsorships of a single participant or group are permitted. (To encourage your mate, as in a road race) These can be announced during Happy Dollars, although all Happy Dollar announcements will go into the Internal Fund like other announcements, unless you put it into the Polio Can.  Any weight gain can be penalized through happy dollars if you choose to disclose it.
Participants should record any weight loss (or gain) each week, but only the final weight-loss claimed by you at the end will determine your donation to the Foundation.  Weekly and final winner may get some tangible recognition, if Doug and I can come up with something, other than restaurant gift cards by April 12.   The weight-loss will make us all winners anyway!